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New Guest Experience. Stile Italiano!

The Italian one is an eclectic style, rich in tradition and continuous experimentation. During the years of the Grand Tour, painters and intellectuals from all over Europe dedicated a large part of their lives to visiting the wonders of Italy and narrating them through their art. Up to the sixties of the twentieth century, the years of the Dolce Vita, when Italy  became the dream of tourists from all over the world thanks to the romantic, sensual tale that keeps its veil of mystery, directors and great Divas of the time. 


GranTurismo, the new series for hotel management by Marss, is born from the spirit of the Italian stay, characterized by a continuous search for technological innovation, combined with constant attention to detail and design._cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b- 136bad5cf58d_


The products in the series have common identity features that make them unique. At the base is a technological research that goes from the hardware to the centralization of all the devices through the Mahosy software, also developed by Marss and completely Made in Italy. Another peculiarity is that these products can be considered Plug&Play due to their ease of installation. The entire programming phase is in fact designed and guided by Marss, from the arrangement of the hardware apparatus to the creation of the scenarios. All this guided by attention to the aesthetic quality of the products, to guarantee an optimal Guest Experience and lean and sustainable hotel management.



The elegance of glass, with a touch of innovation. 

The first to arrive in the world of GranTurismo is the GLASS Collection, which tells all the special features of the series. GranTurismo Glass is the line of control panels with a minimal design, backlit touch panels in tempered glass, suitable for any accommodation facility that intends to focus on elegance and technological innovation.



The Best Welcome.
Even in the rain!

Hydro è il doorplate pensato per applicazioni all’esterno, come aree comuni di alberghi, ingressi di B&B, Residence, ecc.. Dalle dimensioni discrete, il dispositivo funge da pannello di controllo. Il pannello principale è costituito da una placca touch in vetro temperato a cui viene garantita la tenuta stagna attraverso una cornice metallica opportunamente fissata per mantenere il grado di impermeabilità IP67. 



0,16 inches.
infinite colors!

From the Italian tradition of tailor-made comes the possibility of customizing Gran Turismo products according to the needs of an accommodation facility. The panels can become unique pieces starting from the background color, up to the choice of icons and backlighting.



Innovation imprinted
in Salento tradition

From the union of the typical Lecce Baroque decorations with the most innovative manufacturing techniques, new results arise which give life to true furnishing elements with a traditional flavour, even in modern environments. 


The voice and video assistent.
For any need!


With a minimal and compact appearance but at the same time with a multiplicity of functions that improve the equipment of the structure. These include a built-in audio speaker that allows a series of vocal communications (such as in the case of emergencies) and to play background music.

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