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The only anti-theft system
always dedicated to the photovoltaic world!

Solar Defender is the Marss Patent for security in case of theft in photovoltaic fields. First and only of its kind, it is safe, easy to install. and adaptable to any system. It also has a high degree of protection.

To date, no system protected by Solar Defender has been compromised.

The appropriate protection.
To each panel! 

Thephotovoltaic marketit is in continuous development and if on the one hand it offers highinvestment opportunityon the other it poses numerous difficulties in terms of maintenance andprotectionof the system. 

For this, with aexperiencedecades in the industry, we also offer you in this case asolutionwhich minimizes icostsof installation and maintenance, ensuring maximum yield in terms ofsafetyin time.

Image by Anders J

Fiber Optic Solar Defender
on panels

The Plastic Optical FiberM-Fibersit is installed on the photovoltaic panels, protecting them directly. In this case theprobability of theftare reduced to a minimum. Only in the event of excessive twisting and/or breakage of the fiber will the optical sensor contained in the concentrator module detect a variation in the transmitted light beam and send aalarm signal.

Another alternative of Solar Defender can be the installationperimeteron fence. The operating principle is the same as for installation on panels. the goal is to create a ring ofcontinuous light, across the fiber, around the perimeter of the field.

Simple and fast, it consists in passing the plastic optical fiber between the meshes of the review, following different methods. It does not require building works, excavations or canalizations. 

Fiber Optic Solar Defender
on fence

Why rely on Solar Defender?


Solar Defender is designed to manage systems of any size, with the possibility of being expanded over time


Solar Defender transmits the signal up to 200 m without repeaters, with savings in the cost of ducts and active devices.


Solar Defender has all the qualities. of a centralized system. This allows interfacing with any alarm signaling and remote control system.


Solar Defender is one of the first Marss patents to guarantee quality and reliability. Over the years it has evolved to respond effectively to every need.


Any type of interference or noise generated by electromagnetic fields is not a problem for the fiber.


The system works with the illumination frequencies of visible light. This makes it safe from damage to the human eye and does not emit radiation.


Thanks to the Seal patented by Marss, installation times are drastically reduced. 


With its diameter of 2.2 mm, the Marss optical fiber can easily pass through all electrical pipes. Even in clogged ducts.


The operating modes can be selected by the user, according to one's needs. Each plant is designed and configured on a case-by-case basis.

Thought out in every detail.

Your Sigillo,
Your Security.

Marss has patented Sigillo, the innovative fixing system of the optical fiber on panels. Thanks to its composition, it guarantees fluid threading of the fiber, reducing installation times by up to 70%. In addition, it has been designed to make you more invulnerable Solar Defender from any false alarms. The fiber loop, in fact, once equipped with a Seal, becomes a sufficiently mobile system, able to avoid situations of excessive torsion and rigidity.

Stand alone.
But always connected

In addition to centralized management, the concentrator modules also work in Stand-Alone. This feature allows you to connect the system to any system report and management alarm events, through the signaling outputs on board the module. Also in this case the user can receive a diversified alarm signal for each alarm event.

Image by Moritz Kindler
Image by Jon Moore
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Image by Simon Maage

Do you want to monitor all your locks simultaneously?Try FiberLock with 
IP Controller!

iMac 24_ - ipc.png

IP Controller is the Building Automation system totally based on IP technology since its inception, with dedicated Desktop and mobile Apps. 

IP Controller is useful for controlling any system, from the simplest to the most complex ones. In fact, it is used both in residential contexts, but above all in large territorial installations, even widespread ones.


Since the last major upgrade, IP Controller also presents itself as the latest generation of Access Control, conceived in the logic of diversified profiling. Therefore IP Controller is presented as an integrated and complex system which guarantees the complete management of a system.

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