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Last generation System Automation Solutions



Thanks to this new function, it is possible to associate one or more users to the modules, diversifying their activities, for an increasingly Smart management.


All the events and information of the IP Controller modules are managed through the Cloud, in order to guarantee their whole management.


The visual interface has been completely redesigned to ensure programming is a completely new user experience.

App IP Controller is entirely redesigned

The user App has a new, much more intuitive design, for a user friendly experience.

The new Template function is programmable by Software. It offers a completely customizable interface according to who uses it, following the main mission of this new upgrade: the diversified profiling.

A Notifications section has been added, from which it is possible to have an overview of the events.

Same Technology. Infinite uses!

Manage any
kind of 

To date, IP Controller has been tested in the management of numerous technological systems installed in large spaces and in geographically de-localized contexts. The modularity of the system, its stability, as well as the ability to manage any system remotely and centrally, have made it strong and competitive even in these circumstances.

Energia sostenibile
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For your

Thanks to profiling diversified, IP Controller is the ideal ally in an environment corporate, to manage access and a whole series of systems in a controlled and capillary way. Not only will you say goodbye to physical keys within your company, but you will always have updated and secure control of the tasks of your employees and the permissions you decide to assign.

Safe also

With IP Controller you can transform your home into a Smart home, simply, safely and cheaply, without upsetting your existing systems. Furthermore, with diversified profiling, each member of the family will be able to manage only the devices enabled for their account. 

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Since 2006 we only trust in
IP Technology.

IP stands for simple, secure and versatile. Being a native IP system, IPController guarantees an infinite life to the system. And we demonstrate it to you from the first version in WebSever.

pc old_3x.png

in 2011 we were the first to offer a Cloud service for the security!


MarssCloud is the platformof Marss proprietary data storagewhich allows you to manage an infinite number of systems in an integrated way, guaranteeing completely safe and tailor-made solutions.

is pure Italian quality!

From its technological heart to its elegant body, it has always been conceived, designed, produced and assembled entirely in Italy.

IPController was created for multiple uses and for this reason we offer it in three different factory configurations: 2IN/2OUT, 4IN/4OUT, 8IN/8OUT

All available in the DIN rail version for recessing in electrical panels and in the one for wall mounting inside its dedicated casing.


Since its birth  it has become much more...

Access Control

With the latest news, IP Controller aims to become the best access control system that can be easily managed by all users. From small private individuals to large corporate entities, it allows a capillary and planned management of every single access, avoiding unauthorized access!


From this section it is possible to set the time bands in which each user is able to access the functions of the IP Controller.


From a business perspective, it is possible to assign a personalized profile to various users based on the role they hold, simplifying access management and searching for past events.


Each user who has access to the system managed by the IP Controller can perform the different actions set on each device in a diversified way.


The proprietary Cloud technology allows interconnection between multiple users and guarantees the storage of all data concerning the IP Controller modules, useful for management. Furthermore, Marsscloud is a web platform that allows multiple actions on modules even remotely.


From the web platform it is possible, after logging in with Marsscloud credentials, to associate an IP Controller module and check its connection status in real time as well as test the in / out operation.


Even from the browser, the user can customize the ways in which the IP Controller modules send reports to the devices, or decide in which situations to send push notifications, calls / sms or emails.


A dedicated section allows the management of the user's personal information and those relating to the modules, as well as the possibility (BETA) to recharge one's credit to activate calls.

IPMS Software

From the web platform it is possible to associate an IP Controller module and check its connection status in real time as well as test the in/out operation. Before it’s necessary to log in with Marsscloud credentials, or to sign up if not registered.


It represents the modules management center. Thanks to Marsscloud technology, it is also constantly connected to the App and management software as well as on the web browser.


Each module corresponds to a management group, controlled by the master account, which can in turn manage or be part of other groups.


Thanks to the association of multiple accounts it is possible to customize each IP Controller module. It is also possible to create an address book to search all the known users easily


Time, in seconds, in which the outputs will remain active. Consequently, in this period of time, it won’t be possible to turn off the output. “0” makes the output bistable.


The function allows the simplified management of any device, acting on a time range, such as a heating, cooling, irrigation system, etc.


The new IP Controller App allows to manage up to 2 IP Controller modules, both in the local network and in remote networks, using the Cloud service. The result is a system with 16 inputs and 16 outputs.


The new function allows you to customize the App display dashboard completely and in a diversified way, following the logic of the diversified profiling.


The user can customize the outputs and inputs with dynamic images, for a more intuitive usability. The icons associated with the devices will be able to communicate their status using color and graphic changes.


It allows any output of the IP Controller module to be activated by one or more inputs of a second module and viceversa. It can take place in the local network or in remote networks.


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