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The first to arrive in the world of GranTurismo is the GLASS Collection, which tells all the special features of the series. Glass is the line of control panels with a minimal design, Touch in backlit tempered glass, suitable for any accommodation facility that intends to focus on elegance and technological innovation.

Glass consists of a wall support available in two standard colours, 

White/Black, which can be positioned beyond the thickness of the wall, like a traditional electric switch, but which can also be recessed to give further prominence to the tempered glass plate. 


5,1 "

3,4 "



The small electronic core allows for quick and practical installation. Also in this Glass shows its Italian soul. In fact, the glass plates and the wall anchoring supports have the traditional Italian and European dimensions, which allow for application on 503 type electrical boxes. This also offers the possibility to existing accommodation facilities to renew their service to guests, without having to resort to huge, invasive and economically expensive renovation works.

Tavola disegno 4_3x.png
Tavola disegno 4_3x.png


Scratch resistant molded tempered glass


Backlit Touch Control panel
Activation buttons differentiated by a luminous frame


Wide range of graphic combinations Guided design and setup

Tavola disegno 4_3x.png

1, 2, 3. Revolutionize your accommodation facility in just a few steps.

Dolci - 4 $

Cornetto al burro - 2,5 $

Caffè/tè - 1 $

Spremuta - 2 $



Don't remember to turn off the light. It's not needed here.

Card is optionally placed inside the room, at the entrance. It features a pocket for inserting a badge which allows you to manage the devices in the room with a view to saving energy. In fact, by removing the card, the power supply to the entire room is deactivated after a few seconds. The card can be personalized upon request. Furthermore, the panel has three buttons which enable three different activations: On/Off courtesy light, Do not disturb, sending request.

Dolci - 4 $

Cornetto al burro - 2,5 $

Caffè/tè - 1 $

Spremuta - 2 $



Getting into the room has never been so easy... And nice!

Contact is the external panel that allows access to the room thanks to the on-board RFID reader. It also has illuminated icons that communicate requests in progress and the guest has activated "do not disturb". It also features a "bell" button to send a call signal to the room. This is differentiated from the lights by a bright box for an easier user experience. The same is able to signal the presence of the guest in the room and an SOS request with a change of color of the LEDs behind it.

Dolci - 4 $

Cornetto al burro - 2,5 $

Caffè/tè - 1 $

Spremuta - 2 $



It's not magic,
but would you like
to manage the climate?

Thermo is the thermostat module by Glass which maintains all the characteristics of elegance and minimalism of the collection. Enables room temperature management through a series of touch buttons that allow you to set the desired temperature, On/Off, select between three different air emission speeds and switch from AUTO to Manual setting and vice versa. Thanks to an internal probe it is possible to detect the temperature inside the chamber which is displayed on an LCD screen incorporated in the device.

4, 5. We're not done yet!

Dolci - 4 $

Cornetto al burro - 2,5 $

Caffè/tè - 1 $

Spremuta - 2 $



Do you know what a Doorplate is? Well ours is the best!

Contact XL is the Glass Collection doorplate. An accessory that has the same functions as the homonymous control panel but which is able to give the structure an identifying character. In addition to the traditional functions of the bell, the signal lights and the RFID reader, in fact, it can be used as a lighted door marker. The backlighting crosses the number of each room and it is also possible to bring out the logo of your structure. This product is therefore totally dressed in the character of the accommodation facility and will be unique in its kind. This accessory is also available as standard in the black and white versions and on request in any other colour. 

Dolci - 4 $

Cornetto al burro - 2,5 $

Caffè/tè - 1 $

Spremuta - 2 $



A number. A lamp. a bell. And much more!

Light Design is the maximum expression of Glass Collection design. It is the perfect doorplate to make any structure unique. A single device fulfills three different functions. It is first and foremost a door sign that can be personalized with the room number and the addition of the structure's logo. It is also a control panel that has the two now classic "do not disturb" and "requests" signal lights and the "bell" button. Finally, it is also a lighting device. The upper part in plex where the room number is imprinted, in fact, is crossed by a beam of LED light which can therefore act as a placeholder at night inside the corridor of a hotel for example._cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b- 136bad5cf58d_

Creativity at the service of your needs.

GranTurismo enjoys a high degree of customisation. In fact, it is possible to insert the logo of your structure, but also to choose the type and order of the icons, as well as the color of the backlighting. Even the coloring of the glass is available, upon request, in various nuances.


Make everything even more amazing! With Mahosy.

iMac 24_ - Silver copia.png

Mahosy is the management system that revolutionizes the hospitality sector, thanks to an innovative vision and approach, both in guest management and in the operational management of any accommodation facility: hotel, B&B, holiday home, ...


Mahosy improves guest satisfaction, optimizes activity management, enables home automation management of the facility and reduces operating costs. 


Enables centralized home automation management, from a single software platform and Mahosy APP, of both single rooms and complex and different structures, even in a widespread hotel logic.

Image by Rhema Kallianpur
iPhone 14 Pro - Deep Purple - Portrait copia.png
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