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Innovation imprinted in Salento tradition


Petra is the new collection of the GranTurismo series

for high-quality hotel management solutions.

Petra is

Born from the Leccese Baroque tradition, it constitutes a series of stone panels that allow you to customize the models of the GranTurismo series. 

Petra's research projects local tradition into the future. 

The choice of essences

The choice of stone essences favored the main four extraction quarries that have decorated the entire Salento peninsula for centuries: Classic Leccese Stone, Gray Leccese Stone, Bianca di Ostuni, Carparo. 

For this project we turned to BIANCO CAVE, a local company famous throughout the world for its quality and knowledge in dealing with Salento stone

From Lecce Baroque to Smart hotel management

Petra can customize many of the panels in Marss' GranTurismo line. Like the doorbell to the RFid reader  and some touch controls. 

All customizations must be agreed upon at the time of design to ensure maximum compliance with customer needs.

The wisdom of 

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