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The electronic lock
in Plastic Optical Fiber

Marss has been involved in the Research & Development of solutions for safety in Plastic Optical Fiber for years. 

Innovative solutions dedicated to specific needs, conceived and designed with a view to quality, convenience and ease of use.

What is POF?

The Plastic Optical Fiber is a cable made up of filaments of polymeric materials, made in such a way as to be able to conduct light inside them. This makes it possible to generate a continuous beam, of potentially infinite length, around the object to be protected.

Why choose Fiber Lock?

Fiber lock protects any object, such as fences, construction sites, equipment, etc., in a simple and safe way. Thanks to the use of light as a conductor element, the system enjoys an installation "user friendly", without the need to use particular instruments and without particular prior training.


It allows for the creation of flexible security solutions, even in the presence of architectural and structural limitations. Solves problems related to interference, as in the case of the video signal of traditional CCTV systems on the market.


With Fiber Lock, the maintenance of safety systems will no longer be a problem thanks to its natural protection and immunity to false alarms and an average life for the system of more than 20 years. 

All the quality there is in less than 1 inch


Thanks to the use of optical fiber, data travels at the speed of light without interference.


Less than 10 seconds to finish a fiber termination with the appropriate tools.


The advantage of light rather than electric or metallic cables is that it does not create grounding problems.


FiberLock transmits signal up to 100m without repeaters, saving cost of conduits and active devices.


Any type of interference or noise generated by electromagnetic fields is not a problem for the fiber.


With its diameter of 0,09", the Marss optical fiber can easily pass through all electrical pipes. Even in clogged ducts.


The fiber can also be placed in environments where vapors or flammable (or explosive) substances are present, without the use of raceways or cables.


The system works with the illumination frequencies of visible light. This makes it safe from damage to the human eye and does not emit radiation.


Marss optical fiber tolerates bending radii of less than 2 cm. Operates at temperatures from -40°C to +80°C. Can withstand up to one million 360° cycles.

This system is thought out in every detail


The innovative Marss Electronic Padlock is the ideal protection for any object that can be "sewn" with the Plastic Optical FiberM-Fibers.

A Registered Trademark that guarantees the best functioning for a security system. In fact, compared to other types of optical fiber on the market, M-Fiber stands out for its high light transmission capacity and its ability to adapt to any environmental condition.

It is also available in the anti-rodent version. 

A ring of light

The operating principle of Fiber Lock is based on the creation of a closed ring of optical fiber crossed by light. This ensures continuity in any environment and reduces the occurrences offalse alarm. The alarm signal is detected only in case of cut,opening of the connector or excessive twist of the fiber.   


Thanks to the practical connector that does not require lapping or special machining, the Marss electronic padlock reduces installation times and is also transportable and reusable several times.

But always connected

The fiber is passed through the objects to be protected as a chain and connected to the ALM modules.  The module detects and transmits the alarms to any control unit and/or communication system, with which it can be interfaced. This is possible thanks to the innovative operationStand alonewhich leaves users free to choose how to receive and manage the alarm.

Image by Jon Moore
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Image by Simon Maage

Do you want to monitor all your locks simultaneously?
Try FiberLock with 
IP Controller!

IP Controller is the Building Automation system totally based on IP technology since its inception, with dedicated Desktop and mobile Apps. 

IP Controller is useful for controlling any system, from the simplest to the most complex ones. In fact, it is used both in residential contexts, but above all in large territorial installations, even widespread ones.


Since the last major upgrade, IP Controller also presents itself as the latest generation of Access Control, conceived in the logic of diversified profiling. Therefore IP Controller is presented as an integrated and complex system which guarantees the complete management of a system.

iMac 24_ - ipc.png
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